Transgender people perform Kolattam dance to raise COVID awareness

Kolattam dance

Members of the transgender community in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai performed Kolattam folk dance on Thursday to raise awareness about COVID-19.

The performance was organised by Sahodaran, a community-based transgender organisation, in collaboration with the Greater Chennai Corporation.
“We are an organisation that focuses on lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) rights and sexual health. During this lockdown, we have decided to also spread awareness about COVID-19. During the last two months, we have organised awareness and prevention programmes across Chennai city. Kolattam is one of the most historical dances of our state and people warmly welcomed us and many have enjoyed our performances,” Jaya, General Manager of Sahodaran told ANI.

She said they have so far performed in zones 9 and 11 of the city.

Tamil Nadu now has a total of 1,92,964 COVID-19 cases, including 52,939 active cases, 1,36,793 recoveries/discharges and 3,232 fatalities, the state’s health department said.

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