TSMC and Intel Said, the Chips of the Machine Making Chips Were Affected


Officials at Intel and Apple chipmaker TSMC say chips for chipmaking machines are one of the things in short supply amid chip shortages.

According to 9to5Mac, buying new chipmaking machines was never a quick process given their complexity and fragility, but the lead times before the pandemic were measured in months.

While many commentators say they expect chip shortages to ease by the end of this year, the WSJ describes chipmaking companies as having an overly optimistic outlook.

What started as a pandemic-era diversion of demand for supercharged laptops and other chip-hungry gadgets has turned into a structural problem for the industry.

Now many chip executives say the problem will persist into 2023 and 2024 or even longer.

Some chipmakers are prioritizing customers who produce chipmaking machines.

Ganesh Murthy, CEO of Microchip Technology Inc. and manufacturer of microcontroller chips, which processes data in all types of electronic devices, including chip-making devices, said his company is now treating chip-device suppliers as priority customers, not vice versa.

Intel and Apple chipmaker TSMC are among those calling for more widespread adoption of this approach.

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