Twitter Will Tell Users If An Embedded Tweet is Edited or Not


Twitter will soon let users know if an embedded tweet has been edited, or if there is a new version of the tweet. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong found that Twitter is working on a new feature that could be part of its wider upcoming edit tool.

“Embedded tweets will show whether it has been edited, or if there is a new version of the tweet,” he posted on the micro-blogging platform.

“When a site embeds a tweet and it is edited, the embed doesn’t just show the new version, instead, it shows an indicator that there is a newer version,” the app researcher said.

If you’re embedding the most recently edited version of a Tweet, you’ll see a ‘Last edited’ message below the text of the Tweet.

But if the Tweet has been edited since it was embedded, you’ll see a message indicating that the Tweet has a newer version.

Since Twitter plans to give its users an edit button, the user will have to press a button called ‘Edit Tweet’ in the drop-down context menu and then he can edit the post.

At the moment, it looks like a user will have time to hit the edit button 30 minutes after publishing a tweet.

One can also replace the entire media (photo/video file) embedded with the tweet.

The micro-blogging platform will also keep a digital trace of your earlier tweets.

Initially, the edit button will be available to Twitter Blue users and will later be expanded to everyone.

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