Twitter’s New Policy to Hide Tweets with False Information in Times of Crisis


Microblogging site Twitter has announced that it is introducing an information policy that will help hide tweets that share false information during the crisis.

The company said that access to reliable, authoritative information and services is even more important during periods of crisis.

The company said in a blogpost, “We are introducing our Crisis Misinformation Policy.

This is a global policy that will guide our efforts to increase reliable, authoritative information and help ensure that during a crisis there is no viral misinformation.” Not extended or recommended.”

“Together with our ongoing work to make reliable information more accessible during crisis events, this new approach will help slow the spread of the most visible, misleading content we see, especially ones that can cause serious harm.” “

The platform noted that, to determine whether the claims are misleading, it requires verification from multiple credible, publicly available sources.

“During crisis periods, conversations move faster and accounts with a wider reach are most likely to drive content views and engagement,” the company said.

In addition, Twitter said it would prioritize adding warning notices to highly visible tweets and tweets from high-profile accounts such as state-affiliated media accounts and verified official government accounts.

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