Ukraine Receives $30 Billion in Financial Aid Since ‘Invasion’

Ukraine Receives $30 Billion in Financial Aid Since 'Invasion'

Since the invasion by Russia, 30 billion dollars in aid has been given to Ukraine so far. This information was given in the Financial Stability Report of June 2022 released by the National Bank of Ukraine.

The IMF, the European Union, the EIB, the World Bank and foreign governments have lent more than $7 billion to Ukraine as of mid-June, the national bank said in a statement. In all, around $30 billion in financial assistance has been provided to the country so far.

The point to be noted is that the financial assistance provided is at low interest and credit guarantee, news agency ukrinform reported. It is not to be returned. This money is the main source of covering the budget deficit of the state.

The National Bank said the country is dependent on international aid for defense and social spending. $5 billion a month is needed to cover the budget deficit.

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