Ukraine, Russia Hold Biggest Prisoner Exchange Since War Began


The Main Intelligence Directorate of Kyiv’s Defense Ministry said in a statement that Ukraine and Russia carried out their largest prisoner exchange since the start of the ongoing war on 24 February.

The agency said on Wednesday that 144 Ukrainians aged between 19 and 65 returned home as a result of the exchange, Xinhua news agency reported.

According to the statement, as part of the swap, Russia released 59 soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine, including 43 from the Azov Regiment, who fought for the Azhovstal Steel Plant in Mariupol.

It added that most of the released Ukrainians were seriously injured.

Ukraine and Russia Held Their First Prisoner Exchange on 24 March

The agency noted that most of the released Ukrainians suffered serious injuries. It is said that all of them are getting proper emergency medical and psychological care.

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