Unnati ’22, IIM Udaipur’s annual engagement and learning pre-boarding programme

The fourth iteration of Unnati ’22 – Annual Engagement and Learning Program, which serves as a pre-boarding event for the incoming MBA class of 2022–24, was completed by IIM Udaipur. The week-long Unnati ’22 event featured motivational speeches from faculty members, members of the IIMU Board of Governors, alumni, and business leaders in addition to interactive sessions with industry professionals. The topic of Unnati ’22 was “Be U – Identifying the Unique Self,” which provided the incoming class of 2022–24, who will begin their transformational journey at IIM Udaipur in June end, with a learning opportunity.

“We are delighted to welcome all of the students and accelerate the learning process by recognising the need for future business leaders to be adaptive and innovative in the face of an unpredictable ever-changing business and global challenges,” Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur, said during the opening session, “Parichay-Transforming Present Reimagining Future.” In addition to setting goals for themselves, the institute, and the following two years, students will obtain insightful knowledge from the Board of Governors members, alumni, faculty, and industry leaders.

Mythily Ramesh, co-founder and CEO of NextWealth and board member of IIMU, shared her own experience with the students and advised them to “be like the components of nature. Be like fire and give everything your all as you carve out your own path in life. Think like Water by expanding your horizons, trying new things, and approaching challenges as chances to accomplish your goals in life. Open to the Air: Don’t evaluate yourself against others. Everyone is different and travelling their own route. Aim high and make the necessary efforts to achieve it. Revolve like the Earth; be rooted, steadfast, and of high moral character. Consider your personal space, prioritise your objectives, and take care of yourself. Keep in mind the MEDS mantra, which stands for “Mind & Meditation,” “Exercise,” “Healthy Diet,” and “Sound Sleep.” Enjoy your two years at IIMU while giving thanks to your family and counting your blessings.

On the final day of Unnati, Prashant Tripathy, MD and CEO of Max Life Insurance, spoke with the students and said, “Understanding megatrends in the next years is crucial. The pace of change in how we connect with the world is unprecedented. This will influence shopper trends, routines, and way of thinking. Take into account the major trends; it will give you numerous options and assist you in remaining relevant in changing times. Never fight change; instead, accept it.

Additionally, Prof. Sandhya Bhatia spoke at the seminar about the prospects and high-quality learning environment at IIMU. The 2030 goal and the transformative approach to bringing out the best in pupils were both emphasised by her.

A session on “Mental Health & Stress Management Session” led by Archita Sobti, who provided some insight into how one can manage stress and care for their mental health, marked the conclusion of Unnati.

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