UP Health Facilities To Be Geo-Tagged


The State Medical Faculty (SMF) in Uttar Pradesh has decided that all health facilities attached to para-medical institutions will be geo-tagged.

Professor Alok Kumar, secretary of SMF, a statutory body that oversees the operation of para-medical institutions in the state, said the Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) in the city would be approached for this.

Hospitals of Para-Medical Institutions Are often Not in the Same Premises

Prof Kumar said, “In such cases, there is a possibility that the inspectors, who are not local, are shown some other, good hospital to get a better scorecard. We plan to thwart such attempts through geo-tagging.” are making.”

There Are About 1,200 Institutes, A Part of Which Are Located in Semi-Urban Areas, Which offer Paramedical Courses in Uttar Pradesh

Explaining how this move will help, Prof Kumar said, “During the contingency inspection, an inspector will be informed about the geographical location of the premises he has to examine. They will reach the institute and the hospital registered by the institute. Will do a tax check.”

This way the actual hospital will be inspected and the chances of the inspector being misled will be completely eliminated, he added.

The Move Also Aims to Improve Clinical Training of Students By Eliminating Cheating

Prof Alok said, “If the standards set in hospitals are maintained, practical training will be better and hence we can produce good para-medical staff for both government and private hospitals.”

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