Victoria training paused as state association seeks clarity on COVID-19 lockdown guidelines


Men’s and women’s team of Victoria have stopped training at their Junction Oval training base in Melbourne on Thursday.

The state association sought clarity on whether they could continue pre-season programs amid the state government’s ramp-up of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions across the state, including an 8 pm to 5 am curfew.
Until this week, the squads had been permitted to train under an exemption granted to professional sporting bodies, and the late arrival of updated regulations for the Melbourne metropolitan area had caused Cricket Victoria to pause scheduled training on Thursday as a precaution. A list of permitted workplaces was published about 1 am on Thursday, ESPNcricinfo reported.

Victoria’s players have been placed at a considerable disadvantage relative to other state squads, all of which have enjoyed far less stringent restrictions in the absence of any outbreaks comparable to the one currently sweeping Victoria.

The relevant regulations on “Restricted Activities Directions” feature the following exception: “A person who owns, controls or operates a physical recreation facility in the restricted area may operate that facility if it is operated for the exclusive use of training of professional and high-performance sportspersons only.”

“A person who owns, controls or operates an arena or stadium in the restricted area may operate that facility for the purpose of providing an exclusive training venue for professional and high-performance sports persons at any one time,” it added.

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