Wait for 5G is over, India’s ‘Techade’ has arrived: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the country’s wait for 5G technology is over and the benefits of ‘Digital India’ will soon reach every village. Addressing the nation from the Red Fort on the 75th Independence Day, Modi said India’s ‘Techade’ (decade of technology) is here with a local emphasis on 5G and semiconductor and mobile phone manufacturing.

During his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Modi said, “We are revolutionizing the grassroots level through ‘Digital India’ and soon every village will be connected digitally, as we are ushering in the 5G era. “

The Prime Minister is Likely to officially Launch the 5G Network on September 29 During the India Mobile Congress (IMC)

He stressed, “We are in a time of transformation that takes place in an era from digital payments to mobile and semiconductor manufacturing. The digital age is changing all around us. It has redefined politics, economy and society. “

Modi said, “India is an aspirational society where changes are taking place in a collective spirit.”

After the successful auction of 5G spectrum, the much-awaited high-speed 5G mobile services in the country are likely to start in about a month.

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