We Couldn’t Do Better Against Australia in the Final Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh

When the world’s top Australian hockey team attacks and puts pressure, it becomes difficult for the other teams to make a comeback. To this, Indian team captain Manpreet Singh said that they should have put more pressure on the Aussies and defended them better, to create opportunities for a counterattack.

Manpreet gave an insight into what good his team could have done after India’s 7-0 loss in the final of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 here.

Manpreet Singh said, “We need to put more pressure on the Aussies in the upcoming tournaments. When they were attacking from one side, we could have opened the other flank, the midfielder should have pushed more balls and we should Should have created more chances than before.”

The Indian midfield was under pressure in the absence of Vivek Sagar Prasad and Manpreet himself.

Manpreet Said That They will Study the Recording of the Match and identify the Areas Which Need Improvement

“It’s still a really good team. A lot of the players are young, so (they) just need more experience. It’s the experience we’re getting from the best hockey team in the world right now, so we have You just need to learn.”

Manpreet said that he did not expect the match to be one-sided. We didn’t expect it, we came here expecting a close match. We had prepared well and played well in the tournament till the final, so there was no pressure.”

India lost to Australia 8–0 in the 2010 Commonwealth Games final and 4–0 in the 2014 final. With India thrashing India 1-7 in the Tokyo Olympics pool match and 7-0 on Monday, has India become an easy team for Australia?

Manpreet said that is not the case and Australia have had good days against them. Today was not a good day for us.

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