Weight Loss: Fibre-Rich Jowar Rotis To Shed Kilos

Chapatis made from jowar flour are fibrous. As a result, Maida has often been a cause of concern amongst health experts. As a result, you may want to shun maida entirely from your diet for weight loss.

Replacing maida with jowar flour preferably is a much better bet. Indian cuisine allows a wide range of delectable dishes that are diverse not only in flavor but also in their character.

Pleasures like rajma, dal makhani, chhole, shahi paneer, and chicken curry are dishes served in most Indian households daily as people of all ages love them.

We often join these dishes with bhaturas, pooris, or naans without understanding that they are all maida-based and may create harm to our well-being in the long run. All-purpose flour, also recognized as maida, has often been a concern amongst health experts and nutritionists worldwide. It is principally because all-purpose flour is refined and concocted, leading to various health issues, including weight increase.

If weight loss is on your brain, you may want to shun maida entirely from your diet. Reconstituting maida with jowar flour in place of it is a much better bet, both taste and health. In addition, chapatis made from jowar flour are fibrous that can benefit the gut and digestive arrangement, further promoting weight loss, as per health specialists.

Jowar Rotis To Shed Kilos

Jowar comes stuffed with good quality fiber that cannot only better manage obesity but is understood to control blood sugar levels and is rated one of the best foods for people with diabetes. Jowar roti can be matched with any dish of your preference, and you can savor it without any fault.

If you lost weight in the past or are on a weight-loss diet, you know there are no bypasses to driving a healthy lifestyle. From daily workouts to a well-balanced diet, following healthy habits will shed those extra kilos. Regrettably, however, many of us often quickly regain the lost weight.

That’s when we understand that maintaining weight is also as crucial as losing it! But how do you exactly do that? The solution is simple by ensuring a healthy diet and regular exercise. And you can do that simply by switching some of your periodic indulgences with more nutritious options! For instance, a staple in Indian food, roti is eaten in every meal, including increased weight when made from wheat. So, if you need to give your roti a healthy twist, then here we may give you a nourishing formula of jowar masala roti!

Jowar, generally known as sorghum, is considered one of the healthiest foods available. This grain has diverse health advantages, including enhanced digestion, improved immunity, enhanced heart health, blood sugar check, delicate skin and hair, and most importantly, weight loss! With such advantages of jowar, let us hold on to the recipe of how to make this delicious jowar masala roti.

Easy Jowar Masala Roti Recipe

First, in a bowl, add jowar flour and then add chopped onions, cabbage, and carrots. Then add salt, pepper, red chili, and blend. Now gradually add lukewarm water to form a dough. Ensure that the dough is not too mushy. Once it is done, sprinkle some jowar from the top and rest for 10 minutes. Now, prepare roundels of this dough and create a roti. Toast this roti on a Tawa from medium to high heat. When it becomes golden, serve it with any veggie and dal to enjoy!

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