What the Country Built in 70 Years, Finished It in 8 Years Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

The Congress party is holding a nationwide protest today against inflation, unemployment and GST on food items, before protesting, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi Attacked the Center and said, “What is the death of democracy, what do you think you are.”

What are you feeling? What this country built in 70 years has been destroyed in 8 years, there is no democracy in the country, Dictatorship of 4 people is going on.

He further said, “We want to raise the issue of inflation, want to discuss, but we are being detained and are not allowed to discuss in the House also.”

All the senior leaders and workers of the party will hold a two-way demonstration in which all the MPs will march towards the Rashtrapati Bhavan as per the first fixed schedule, before raising this issue in the Parliament. According to Congress leaders, we will meet the President and explain the situation.

From the other side, a group of Congress general secretaries, in-charge and workers will go out to gherao the Prime Minister’s residence, Rahul-Priyanka will also be involved in the demonstration.

However, section 144 is in force in the area in view of the Congress’s demonstration, so Delhi Police did not allow it. But the Congress says that it will definitely do programs for these issues related to the people.

Apart from this, the Congress has also announced a program of Raj Bhavan gherao in the states, while at the same time, they will also demonstrate in the district and block headquarters.

In view of the demonstration, Delhi Police has written a letter to Congress leader KC Venugopal informing that 144 section is in force in the entire New Delhi area except Jantar Mantar, so no protest can be allowed if section 144 is violated. If so, legal action will be taken.

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