Will make 2 lakh more dairies before 2024 elections Amit Shah

Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah attended the World Dairy Summit in Greater Noida today. Addressing on the occasion, Amit Shah said that we will make 2 lakh more dairies before the 2024 elections.

The Conference Was Inaugurated By Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Morning

Amit Shah said that for the first time since 1974, the Dairy Summit of the International Dairy Federation is being organized in India today.

Where did India stand in the world in milk production in 1974 and in 2022 we are standing in front of the world by becoming self-reliant exporter. The relevance of cooperative societies is being discussed in this conference.

Amit Shah in his address said that India has given the world an alternative model of communist and market model in the form of cooperatives. Cooperative dairies and other cooperative institutions have made unprecedented contribution towards rural development in Gujarat. All the guests who came here for the conference should know closely about this successful cooperative model of Gujarat.

Amit Shah further said that we have achieved self-sufficiency in milk production. But we still depend on imported processing machinery for value added dairy products. He said that I am confident that NDDB and Amul can jointly accomplish this.

The National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) has huge funds available so there is no shortage of finance. If we adopt this then we will also be self-sufficient in dairy machinery production and can contribute to the world market.

Amit Shah also said that cooperatives in the dairy sector empower women, and help in rural development at various levels. We are forming 3 multi-state cooperatives for certification, marketing and export of organic dairy products. The pilot project for this is to be made by Amul, for which the export house has to be registered by the end of the month.

Amit Shah said that the cooperative dairies did not limit themselves to the collection and production of milk, the cooperative sector has also taken forward the use of animal feed, dung to gas and dung bank. The use of cow dung bank should be understood by the whole world, it contains the basic concept of health of the world.

Amit Shah said that in the last 8 years, India has become the 5th largest economy from the 11th economy. And I am sure that soon we will become the third largest economy in which cooperative sector will play a big role.

Amit Shah also said that the Modi government believes that positive changes should be brought in the lives of poor farmers in India as well as around the world. And for this, all countries should study the success story of Amul in India and best practices of other countries, so that the welfare of the farmers of the whole world can be done.

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