Xinjiang’s Alar Tarimu Airport to Open


Alar Tarimu Airport in China’s Xinjiang Weiwur Autonomous Region is a 4C class civil airport with a total investment of 886 million yuan.

The airport construction started in full on March 18, 2021, and on January 2022, the civil aviation professional completed the full acceptance of the project.

On January 26, a China Southern Airlines Boeing 737-800 passenger plane taking off from Urumuchi, the capital of Xinjiang Weiwur Autonomous Region, landed at the newly built Alar Tarimu Airport.

This indicates that the airport runway, communications and navigation, and mobility aids are in good condition and ready for navigation.

On May 25, the Civil Aviation Administration of China officially issued the Transportation Airport Use Permit and plans to officially open it to navigation on June 16.

Alar means green island in the Vavur language. Alar Tarimu Airport is the first airport in China to be built in the desert collapsible geology of the Tarim River Basin. It is a for-profit exploration and construction effort of desert airports in deserts and river basins with complex geological conditions.

Alar Tarim Airport will open 16 air routes in two batches. After the opening of air routes, the annual passenger throughput is expected to reach 3 million, and the cargo and mail throughput will reach 1,100 tons.

It is of great and far-reaching importance to make the city of Aral a get-in, get-out, and run fast transportation and logistics system and promote high-quality economic development.

After the opening of the new airport, the distance between the city of Alar and the surrounding counties and cities and Urumuchi will be reduced, facilitating the export of agricultural and sideline products such as Alar high-quality cotton and labour, flow of people, logistics Integration of business flows and information flows will be promoted.

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