YouTube Music Testing New Feature For Users


Google-owned music streaming platform YouTube Music is testing suggestion chips to filter what it sees next.

According to 9to5Google, just below the bar is a carousel of filters that they can tap to customize with the plays in Up Next depending on what radio users are playing.

‘All’ is the default and is associated with ‘Family,’ ‘Recommendation,’ and ‘Instrumental’.

According to a user on Reddit, the filter pills vary by song and they’re only mentioned to appear for radio-generated queues.

This should allow users to find more songs to listen to without having to browse the home feed.

Reportedly, this may be ideal if the user has a very good current radio queue, but they want more variety.

Overall, it lets people stay in the Now Playing UI, which is the quickest way to start another song. The scene is getting a little more hectic and chaotic, the report says, but it’s still pretty straightforward.

The report mentions that at the moment, there is only one report on YouTube Music’s new ability to filter radio queues.

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