YouTube Will Soon Allow Users to Zoom in on the Video


Google-owned streaming platform YouTube is testing a new feature in its mobile app with its premium customers that allows them to zoom in on any video.

As The Verge reports, the latest opt-in experimental feature enables pinch-to-zoom gestures for video and works in both portrait and full-screen landscape view.

According to the company, the Zoom feature will be in testing until September 1, giving YouTube about a month to take user feedback and improve things.

To enable Pinch to Zoom, open YouTube’s Settings menu on your phone or from the website. If you are subscribed to YouTube Premium, there should be a ‘Try New Features’ section.

Recently, the platform announced that users can now shorten their Long Videos by adding a new ‘Edit in a short’ tool to its iOS and Android apps.

With this new update, which is now rolling out on iOS and Android devices, users can now convert up to 60 seconds from their existing long-form YouTube videos and convert them into shorts.

YouTube Shorts is now viewed by over 1.5 billion signed-in users each month, with over 30 billion views per day.

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