Zeeshan Khan to Replace Pulkit Bangia in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’

Zeeshan Khan

TV actor Pulkit Bangia is in talks to replace Zeeshan Khan as Aryan Khanna in the daily soap “Kumkum Bhagya”.

He says, “Zeeshan Khan played the role of Aryan earlier and I must say he has set a high standard in terms of acting and performance. Fitting into someone else’s shoes is not an easy task, but I enjoy the challenge. I’m taking.”

The ‘Sab Satrangi’ actor opened up about being a part of the show and shared how he accepted the offer immediately without any second thought.

“It’s a popular show that’s been on-air for almost a decade now. In fact, I got picked for the show relatively early.

I actually gave an audition and a look test for the role of Aryan and immediately that night When I was on my way home from an event, I got a call from the production that I have been roped in for the role.”

Featured Image via Instagram.com

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